Scurfpea Publishing Poetry Books



Stranded: Wherever I Am

Steve Boint

Poems about and from years spent at motels and on the nations roads.


Anne, I Weep for Thee

Daniel G. Snethen

Psychologically deep and challenging poetry, haunting images, and beautiful lines tied together by a gentle and sensitive voice.


Frog Creek Road

Norma Wilson

Poems from a country lifestyle that, at times, touch on political and cultural criticism.



Bruce Roseland

Cowman, winner of the 2019 Will Rogers Medallion!

Roseland has won top national recognition for his previous poetry. A rare combination of serious poetry from an active rancher.


Sketchbook 91.1.1

Drawings by James Pollock

Poetry by Steve Boint

Drawings from an award-winning artist are coupled with the poetry of Steve Boint. Thoughtful and intriguing.


Low Comedy in Dark Theaters

Cliff Lewis

Remarkable phrasing and imagery brackets an unusual depth of insight and topics (history, philosophy, jazz, nature, chemistry, cultural criticism, to name only a few). Comes complete with authors original footnotes and chemical diagrams.


Sackcloth and Silk

Susan Spaeth Cherry

An authentic voice of celebration from the midst of life's struggles and pain. These poems will touch your heart with joy and wonder even as they recognize the difficult world we live in


Always Passing Through

Steve Boint

Boint's poetry is paired with images of his block prints. This work was produced for an art show opening at Eastbank Art Gallery in Sioux Falls. It also contains a description of his method of block printing and a very interesting biography.


Drilling the Hooves of Sheep: Searching for the Real South Dakota

Charles Luden

Luden captures the groundedness and strangeness of the wide-open north.


Capable Ways

Craig Challender

Challender's poems capture the experience of life and relationships with an unusual poignancy. This is what it means to grow up in America.


Late Summer Plums

Kevin L. Cole

Poems of the northern plains, an extremely popular collection, especially with birders. Nature and humanity woven together into a beautiful experience.


Holiday Street

Steve Boint

Winter and Christmas poems tightly bound together, almost a single, flowing narrative.


Rivers, Wings & Sky

Poetry by Norma Wilson

Artwork by Nancy Losacker

Eighteen paired works by artist Nancy Losacker and poet Norma Wilson reflect the interconnectedness of the Missouri River ecosystem as together they speak of our deep relationships to the rivers, winged creatures, and sky.


Gift of Moments

Poetry by Bruce Roseland

Artwork by Doris Symens Armstrong

Doris Symens Armstrong painted a painting each day for a month, photographed it, and sent the image to Bruce Roseland. He recorded in poetry the feelings, thoughts, visions, and daydreams produced by Doris’ work. The result is enchanting.


Blue Thirsty

Charles Luden

Charles' unique brand of impressionist verse – tied to the understandable, but soaring far, far beyond the mundane. Classic work from an important, but often overlooked, poet.



Sara Amelia Snelling

Life is worth the living! Sara's celebration of life after being diagnosed with epilepsy will leave the reader smiling and energized, ready to face whatever this universe throws their way.


Song for My Mother

Bruce Roseland

Award-winning poet, Bruce Roseland, chronicles his mother's decline. Never maudlin (after all, Bruce is a rancher), often touching, never villainizing, never stereotypical, yet somehow filled with hope and love, this is a must-read for anyone facing end-of-life issues.



art by Boyd McPeek

poems by Steve Boint

Each page a separate science fiction short story in verse, Steve and Boyd have created something unique, almost a new genre. Theirs is a universe filled with . . . you'll just have to read it and find out.


don't wanna go out

Wes Eisenhauer

Dorianne Munce

Matt Dorweiller

Larry Person

Alex Hagen

5 chapbooks in one volume. Poetry by a rapper, an elder-care specialist, a newspaper stacker, a bus driver, and a lawyer. Amazing stuff. Somehow it really does fit together.


how it goes jumping

Charles Nauman

Renowned filmmaker Charles Nauman enters the poetry arena with a maturity of insight not unexpected if you know his films. Strong, strong stuff. Down to earth and mystical all at once.


Physicist at the Window

Steve Boint

Poems of science and philosophy. Ever read a poem about Spinoza, significant figures, Le Chatellier's Principle? It's all here. Even a poem about nothing.


from the lonely cold

Nicole Allen

Suzanne Sunshower

Charles Luden

Jason Freeman

Steve Boint

Poems by a waitress, a guru, a strip club drummer and a heretic.

What could be more interesting?


I'm Raybo

Ray Novak

Ray, the quintessential hippie, passed away in 2014. He will be missed.

His words live on.


World Of If

Poems by Charles Luden

art by Boyd McPeek

The taste of Zen and science fiction. Wow! Scurfpea's bestseller.


frail as paper

Steve Boint

An exploration of faith, frustration, lust, emptiness, and the pull of something just over the horizon. There are answers here. There are more questions.