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Ten Square Blocks

W. Carter Johnson

The story of Johnson Hardware, long a pillar of Sioux Falls, as only a member of the Johnson family could tell it.


Where the Sioux River Bends: A Newspaper Chronicle

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Wayne Fanebust

The history of Sioux Falls as told by articles in the local newspapers. An enthralling story in its well-earned third printing.


Farmers, Salesmen, Tractos, and Mud

Gary Griesse

Through lively storytelling, Gary Griesse paints a fascinating and informative picture of Midwestern farming in the 20th Century.


You Know You Moved to South Dakota from New York City WHEN . . .

Marsha Warren Mittman

2020 Western Horizon award winner!

Marsha Warren Mittman moved from New York City to the small city of Spearfish, SD. This hilarious and sensitive retelling of the foibles and surprises which ensued is spellbinding.


that's curious

Boyd McPeek

(the artist behind World of If and Elsewhere)

This is what happens when an engineer is allowed to doodle and daydream. You will never look at buildings in the same way again if you dare enter this curious world.


Seasons of the Coyote

Jerry Wilson

(author of multiple books and former editor at South Dakota Magazine)

An utterly remarkable journey through Jerry Wilson's attempts to understand and preserve his acreage. Humorous, compelling, while at the same time delving deeply into the ecology of the northern plains.


Pray Tell

Gevevieve J. Tobin

Ms. Tobin remembers her time as a monastic. Humorous and filled with insight for anyone involved with a nonprofit organization or community.


figments, fragments, and pigments, oh my

Carl Grupp

(Art Professor Emeritus of Augustana University)

Short stories and art by the renowned artist and instructor. Hillarious! At Scurfpea, we laughed our way through reading the original manuscript. Everyone who knew Carl (he passed away in 2019) knew him as a storyteller with a great sense of humor.


Beauford Peever's Animal Family

Hector Curiel

A delightful children's book where the main character realizes his grandfather reminds him of a bulldog. Gentle, lovable fun.


The Portable Steven Larson

limited edition

Art by Steven Larson


A notebook illuminated by artist Steven Larson's unique style of impressionism.


Did Jesus Die for Dogs?

Steve Boint

An accessible look at the major biblical themes as they relate to nature. Solid theology. Readable theology. And the answer is “YES!”


Return to Black Hills

Robert Todd Wise


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a few are left in our archive

This novel explores parallels between the experience of Native Americans and that of Palestinians. Return to Black Hills should be required reading for anyone involved in or teaching Middle Eastern politics and history.