Scurfpea Publishing Literature


Pray Tell

Gevevieve J. Tobin

Ms. Tobin remembers her time as a monastic. Humorous and filled with insight for anyone involved with a nonprofit organization or community.


figments, fragments, and pigments, oh my

Carl Grupp

Short stories and art by the renowned artist and Art Professor Emeritus of Augustana University


Beauford Peever's Animal Family

Hector Curiel

A delightful children's book where the main character realizes his grandfather reminds him of a bulldog. Gentle, lovable fun.


The Portable Steven Larson

limited edition

Art by Steven Larson

available only by contacting: editor@scurfpeapublishing.com

A notebook illuminated by artist Steven Larson's unique style of impressionism.


Did Jesus Die for Dogs?

Steve Boint

An accessible look at the major biblical themes as they relate to nature. Solid theology. Readable theology.