The Scurfpea Publishing 2020 Anthology

Call for poems

Scurfpea Publishing invites submissions for our 2020 anthology to be edited by Daniel G. Snethen.

Poems that have been previously published must list the publication. No simultaneous submissions will be accepted. Previous Scurfpea anthologies can be found at and at

Submission of poems is free. Send no more than 20 poems, in 12-point font, single-spaced except for stanza breaks. E-mail them to Title the email: anthology. Include your name and e-mail address on each poem. Include a short biographical statement. Send your poems as texts in the body of your message or as attachments in Microsoft Word or .pdf formats.

Only submissions received on or before April 30, 2020 will be considered.

Submission of poems indicates agreement to the following terms:

The book:

Paperback, perfect bound, color cover, professional design and layout. Available through the authors, limited local venues, (for 1-year minimum). It will sell for around $20, depending on printing costs. The planned date of publication is October 31, 2020. Title and cover art will be determined by Scurfpea Publishing after the poems have been chosen.

Copyright issues:

Copyrights of individual poems will remain with the authors, save for permission to print submitted poems in the anthology and limited reprints of individual poems for publicity purposes. Copyright will not be registered. The book will be submitted to the collections of the Library of Congress and Poets House. Submission of poems is the author’s warrant that the poems submitted to Scurfpea Publishing do not violate any other author’s or company’s copyrights and do not libel any persons. The author agrees to take sole legal responsibility for any claims arising against the written content of this book in this regard.

How you make money

The money you make will depend upon your ability to sell the book! Books will be available to authors for at least $5 below retail. You can order as few as you want with no penalty for small orders (However, the larger your order the smaller shipping and handling expenses will be per book.). Sell 30 books, you should make close to $140 (just a rough guess at the cost of shipping). You may order as many times as you want as long as the book is available (at least a year). No royalties will be paid from sales or other outlets—the bookkeeping is beyond the ability of a small press. If you have a special situation, say an aunt in Guam who wants to buy it on, contact Scurfpea Publishing first and we can work out a way to share royalties. No free author's copies will be provided since the cost for this, given the number of authors, is beyond the means of this small press.